MR System

Hi. This post has been changed so many times. It was “Changes: Daily Topics” and those topics have changed numerous times. And now it’s just a WIP until this is no longer and afterthought.

Hi. We’re a DID system. You can learn more about that via our website, which is…

Oh, hello. I’m the elusive “John Smith”, drag name “Eyema Doctor”, nicknames “That Bitch”, “Doc”, “The Inferior One”, and “Mister 10 inches of cardboard”.

As an individual swimming around in a brain, I’m fit as anything, up for anything, and can handle anything (except coming up with a synonym for…

Hi. It’s Hannah. A man, by the way. A man with a beard.

I got a comment on Tiktok recently.

“Raise your wrists when playing”

It probably wasn’t made with ill-intent; its curt and mildly rude nature probably came from how there’s no way to create intonation through text.

The comment was on a video…

MR System

A group of content and fiction writers with opinions. Taking to Medium after 21 years of professional writing experience elsewhere. Let's yell into the void.

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